The Woke Girls Aspiration

We know that girls from a range of marginalized identities face additional challenges to reach their full potential. These challenges may look different from girl to girl, but they all require a positive sense of self and the belief that her goals are achievable. This is what we call the Hero Mindset.

Unfortunately, most children's media push Victim or Survivor Mindsets. This means that they don't authentically represent girls from marginalized identities or the unique challenges they face. By promising that everyone can be successful with hard work alone, we are giving them inadequate advice. The uncomfortable truth is that to be successful, underrepresented girls must work hard and find creative ways to overcome and endure the effects of poverty, racism, islamophobia, transphobia, etc. Our girls can't win if no one ever teaches them the rules of the game and where they stand.

Woke Girls Aspiration

We believe that we can use stories to help girls embrace who they are and develop the tools necessary to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. We draw on established Social & Emotional Learning and Social Justice Education frameworks as well as fantasy/super hero themes to create fun, age-appropriate stories.

We aspire for girls to "wake up to their power" in the sense that girls adopt a "hero mindset" and understand that they do have the ability to affect change.