Shemeka Cooper

An illustration of Shemeka Cooper, a young black girl from Cleveland and a character in the Woke Girls doll line and book series.

Age: 14
Cleveland, Ohio
Hobbies & Interests: Reading (history and comics), Spoken word, Capoeira

Shemeka cares a lot about fairness and easily inspires others to see things her way. Her stubbornness can make her hard to get along with at times, but her friends stay by her side because she’s always there for them when they need her.

Unfair Situation: When I told my teacher I would have a business someday, she said girls like me don’t become entrepreneurs. I’ll show her!
My Power: I am using my power to create my own natural hair products-- Meka’s Magic!

Shemeka's Story

Shemeka loves history, but lately it seems her history teacher would be happier if Shemeka weren’t there at all. Shemeka can’t win – she raises her hand and she isn’t called on, speaks out of turn and she gets detention, if she complains then she has a bad attitude. Not to mention her school has decided to hire a School Police Officer instead of a Guidance Counselor. This isn’t what school is supposed to be like and this makes Shemeka furious! And that gets her into even more trouble. What’s a girl to do?

Then one night she goes to bed and finds herself in a magical place called Woke World. She has been called to protect Woke World from the Tyrannical Haze She’s told that the inner power she possesses in the real world will transform into her super powers in Woke World once she “wakes up to her power.” Will Shemeka become woke in time to save Woke World? Will her power help her find the way to get the education she deserves?

An illustration of Woke Girl Shemeka Cooper in her superhero form, Super Woke Shemeka.