PREORDER - Book #1: Shemeka and the Unmasked Flame

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This is a pre-order for book #1 of the Woke Girls chapter book series. 

  • The Regular Edition is paperback with all black and white illustrations. (This is not the Limited Edition version which was an Indiegogo exclusive.)

Your pre-order payment will contribute to the costs to produce the books. We will ship pre-ordered books when they are available in Spring 2018.

Reading Level: 3rd-4th grade 
Genre: Realistic fiction and fantasy



Fourteen year old Shemeka Cooper can’t seem stay out of detention. Her teachers call her “defiant”, but Shemeka disagrees. Afterall, she’s only guilty of speaking up and asking questions.

Shemeka begins to give up on school. Then one night she finds herself in the dream realm of Woke World. In Woke World, no one is limited because of how they look or where they live. Unfortunately, the Tyrannical Haze, a mysterious force that few understand, has appeared in Woke World. Everywhere it goes, Woke World’s citizens begin to act with fear and hate instead of the love and acceptance they are known for. No one has been strong enough to resist.

The legends say that magical protectors can rescue Woke World. The people believe Shemeka is a protector with the power to transform and wield her inner flame. Shemeka isn’t so sure. But the Haze will be the least of her worries if she can’t find her way home. Will Shemeka wake up to her power in time?